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The Leaders in HME Staffing

We Offer :

Front Office Staff

Back Office Staff

Digital Marketing Services

HME Workforce offers a complete home medical equipment business staffing solution. We are DME business owners ourselves and we know your needs and how to get things done for you. Our trained employees work exclusively for your company and they are not shared. Staff training includes a two-month placement with our HME business to ensure we provide you with the most competent employees.
Our people function seamlessly with your local team.

Patient Communication
Insurance Verification & Authorization Processes
Documentation Verification & Compliance Review
Billing/Revenue Cycle Management
Shipping/Scheduling/Direct Ordering
Operations Management
Home Modifications Experts

Our Annual Savings Guarantee


Payroll per employee:
In-House (average of $17.50/hour): $36,400
HME Workforce: $21,000 FLAT RATE per employee

Annual payroll savings per employee: $15,400

Payroll taxes per employee:
In-House : $2,800
HME Workforce: $0

Annual tax savings per employee: $2,800

Medical Benefits and Paid time off:
In-House: $11,000
HME Workforce: $0

Annual benefits savings per employee: $11,000

Office Cost (supplies/utilities, non-productive hours, workers comp.:
In-House: $6,000 – $9,500
HME Workforce: $0

Annual office supplies savings per employee: $6,000 – $9,500

Total Average Annual Savings : $38,000 per staff member!

Our mission is to help home medical equipment providers succeed in meeting their goals. Our approach is to give you practical advice, from our experience, that you can really use, at a price you can afford.
We are a full-service operational outsourcing entity. We provide the assistance you need to grow your business, improving profits and cash flow.
This is achieved by obtaining qualified, full time staff presence with reduced cost association. We can provide you with trained DME professionals on multiple aspects of our business.
With these advantages and more, you will be equipped with experienced employees who you can reach at any time, as they exclusively work for you!
No more waiting on hold to reach your remote staff members, nor communicating through email alone.
We are DME business owners ourselves. We know your needs and how to get things done for you. Times are challenging and business changes every day.
We applied these services within our own business model and after two successful years, we are confident in outsourcing our well-trained staff to every DME provider successfully. With the responsibility and understanding of your expectations and concerns, we are here to help you improve your business operations as well as outcomes.
Our staff solutions are tailored exclusively to your company. This method allows you to have just as many full or part time staff members as you need.
 A NikoHealth Solution Partner